• 食品与饮料
  • May 14, 2020

肉类产业是食品工业的最大部分。从长远以来,对高价值的动物蛋白的需求不断增长,对牲畜行业带来了越来越大的压力。已经观察到,由于某些驱动因素,如人口增加,收入增加和城市化增加,这一部门正在增长不受预测的增长率。根据谁,肉类产量每年预计将在1997 - 1999年的21800万吨增加到3.76亿吨。

But last year during starting year of 2020, pandemic crises started that has raise the question on the meat industry and the practices. The crises is not new to this industry because there were number of problems the industry has faced where its demand has fallen down and they were “Mad Cow” in 2005, SARS in the year 2003, and another in 2005 which was ”Bird Flu”. All these endemic and pandemic in last few decades have impacted the meat industry badly.

Recently the COVID-19 has entered into the market and it has disrupted the meat market and pulled it in decreasing manner. This has majorly changed the consumer behavior, impacted the supply chain and also made international trade complicated. The major reason for such changes is lockdown in all countries across the world.



According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, the global chicken meat trade has fallen by 4.0% to 11.7 million tons on the downward revisions for all major exporters except Brazil. Due to this, the global chicken meat trade will get shrink by 1.0% from the last year.



Country /Region 20.18. 20.19. 20.20.(Jan) 20.20.(April
European Union 11.,537 11,636 11.,700 11,180
Brazil 9,671 9,865 11,175 9,903
India 4,059 4,347 4,900 3,998
阿根廷 1,955 2,021 2,066 2,035
泰国 2,354 2,459 2,500 2,000

Source : USDA


Similarly, In India the buffalo meat exports have got massive hit by the coronavirus outbreak falling approximately 50.0% to around 50,000 tons in the last one month of the 2020. According to the data from Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), buffalo meat exports got decrease by 10.04 lakh tons in the April-January period of 2019-20 as compared to in 2018-19 where it was 12.3 lakh tons.


As of now, depending on the situation industries should be more focused on the health of the worker and the consumers. The industries, if they are open for the meat processing right now should take all safety measures in their factories or plant and at the same time, they should put pressure on the authorities to allow the supply chain moving with guidelines so that the supermarket/ hypermarket shelves get the meat on time.





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