COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

COVID-19 Impact on Marketing Automation in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Mar 01,2021

COVID-19 Impact on Marketing Automation in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry


The pandemic began with its epicenter in China in 2019 and has continued to spread around the world with 216 countries and territories impacted by COVID-19. COVID-19 events affecting large named countries with clear foreign market dominance have negatively affected the economy worldwide. The outbreak of coronavirus has led to a global crisis, many firms are bound to take difficult measures to lay off their workers, small enterprises are shut down and production plants are shut down. However, the market for food and drink has seen an immense spike as well as a lack of supply leading to the panic purchasing from the population. Similarly, the market for pharmaceuticals has also grown as new solutions for prevention measures are being implemented. A variety of sectors have been affected in the supply chain due to constraints onlogistics和生产植物的关闭。此外,经济的经济衰退限制了个人投资的意愿,人们正在为紧急情况下节省资金。营销自动化市场已注意到由于锁定和Covid-19规范和大多数公司减少了其营销预算的需求。此外,在企业中,迫使公司降低了在营销业务上花费的商业人员的运营停止。


COVID-19疫情影响的行为individuals and markets which impacts on economies and societies. The companies who will be able to rebound from the pandemic crisis will need to be technologically secure, consider consumer expectations and adapt to a quickly shifting environment. During and after the pandemic, the scenario of marketing spend has transformed completely. Consumers are more inclined towards digital and augmented shopping to avoid any physical contact with people. Marketers are focusing on the adoption of new marketing technologies which includes conversational marketing, email, video and others. The governments of various countries are focusing towards数字化业务流程并使其强制采用支持物理疏散和社会疏散规范的技术。Covid-19对半导体和电子行业营销自动化的影响




  • In December 2020, Israel-based provider of digital advertising services, Kenshoo Limited, announced the acquisition of Signal Analytics in order to enable automated marketing automation campaigns. The acquisition would enhance the company’s ability to employ machine learning algorithms to gather data from external resources and effectively target specific types of customers. The company also aims to increase customer engagement through online platforms.


各国政府强加的Covid-19锁定对营销自动化平台的价格产生了不利影响。由于业务停止和中断,大流行使营销自动化工具的需求减少supply chain management


由于锁定和covid-19手臂,流行导致对营销自动化工具的需求减少,并关闭了制造设施。但是,数字化和自动化has becoming mandatory for any business. As a result, several business verticals require marketing automation tools to analyze crucial consumer’s data and to drive insights for providing enhanced customers online shopping experience, safety, personalized and virtual shopping experience and to formulate effective marketing strategies to boost the sales during the crucial period. The supply chain was adversely affected as the lockdown prevailed in many regions globally, in addition to limitation of workers. Hence, the companies are adapting to the new normal, through work from home and rotational shifts which is likely to positively impact the implementation of new marketing technologies in near future.


Initially, a decline has been witnessed in the growth of marketing automation platforms. However, as the situation gets back to normal, the demand for marketing automation solutions is expected to rapidly increase in coming years, owing to rapid need for new marketing technologies, wide shift towards digitization, requirement for multi-channel marketing, improved customer support, saving time and money and others.


  • Develop engagement strategies to welcome, onboard and check-in to target new customers.
  • High focus on personalization across all digital communications, especially with existing and long term customers. Go that extra mile to make sure that the company gives the utmost importance to client feedback.
  • Invest more in in virtual interactions. By being the company that establishes these social ties with consumers, it will serve to improve the credibility of the brand.
  • 使用yelp和g2等平台来收集反馈,评估信息,识别趋势,然后适应现实生活方案,以进一步提高用户参与和满足。